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Bacanora: Spirit of the Sonoran Desert


Celebrate Bacanora as the signature borderlands mezcal as well as other agave distillates including lechuguilla! Enjoy an audio/visual presentation by Bryan Eichorst, Gary Paul Nabhan, Juan Olmedo, Doug Smith, Bill Steen, and Robert Villa showcasing the traditions, culture, and makers of Sonoran mezcals. Learn about conservation, the cultural and agroecological role of agave in Arizona-Sonora, and the measures we might take to ensure the viability of agave spirits in years to come.  

The “mezcal boom” over the past fifteen years has provided significant economic opportunity for many families in mezcal-producing states. Potential over-harvesting of agave, however, poses problems when it comes to sustaining the industry into the future. Sonora, which produces Bacanora, may be the next state to benefit from our growing thirst for agave distillates. The challenge: the scarcity in Sonora of the agave species used to make the spirit. 

Enjoy Bacanora and mezcal tastings along with traditional accompaniments!

Price: $20