Thursday, May 2 


7-10pm | Downtown Tucson (see participating bars) | $50

Dive into the cocktail world of mezcal, sipping and strolling through the bars and lounges of Downtown Tucson, with local agave spirit enthusiasts and international mixologists participating in this year’s Délice Network Meeting. Agave spirit enthusiasts at each participating bar will create a cocktail for you with one common ingredient - MEZCAL!


Agave: A Spirit Without Borders
7-9pm | Maynards Plaza | $35

Join us around the politics and practice of agave cultivation and distillation from a commercial and domestic approach, while exploring the benefits and challenges of the industry in the emerging US agave industry.  Enjoy spirit samplings along with hors d'oeuvres featuring local heritage ingredients crafted by Maynards Market & Kitchen Executive Chef Brian Smith.